Research the Town When Buying A New Home

The neighborhood and surrounding cities make your home what it is. Start doing an internet search of the planned city/town you are moving to. Start a journal that outlines the pros and cons of your new location. This will help you to decide if the home you are looking to purchase is worth its value.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living should be the most significant factor to consider when moving someplace new. Housing, food, taxes, healthcare, and schools all contribute to the cost of living – and geographic areas vary greatly across the spectrum for these categories.  Maybe you are on a tight budget and should consider an area that is undergoing revitalization and is offering attractive incentives to entice new residents.  Most important, when identifying possible destinations, be certain it is a place where you can afford to live.

The Neighborhood

If you have school-aged children, you will want a good school system nearby. Will they be in a public or private school? What about grocery shopping? Is it easy to get to? What about the entertainment scene? Are there a lot of family-oriented activities or is it strictly a bar-scene? Do you like to have a gym you can walk to? Are there parks in the neighborhood?

If it is not too far, try to drive through the neighborhood at different hours of the day. Is it a well-kept area where people stop to say hello to one another? Are the streets full of children playing about? Do you spot mostly elderly pushing their walkers up and down the sidewalks? Are there dogs freely roaming the streets or are they being tended and walked by their owners?

Your Commute

Perhaps your tough morning commute is your reason for relocation? Much will depend on where you choose to live in relation to your job but think about how you will be getting to and from work.  Does your new destination offer public transportation options? Maybe you are seeking a more rural area to be able to spend less time on the road?

Most Important – Safety?

Whether you are single, have a family or are planning one, research the crime rate in the cities on your list as well as the neighborhoods you might consider. Local police ledgers will have plenty of data for you to make a well-informed decision.

Should you be deciding on your next move and would like more information to make the best-informed decision, The Watson Team is here to help!

The Watson Team

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